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Complete Solutions for Online Businesses

For many years, WerstOffshore has been helping it’s clients with complete online company setup, we provide guidance for your online business setup, including, but not limited to:

Company formation – we advise you on the type of company, as well as on the jurisdiction that would suits your needs to establish your online business.

Bank account opening – We advise you in the opening of a bank account specifically designed for your online business.

Online Payment options – We advise you on the online payment options you may have. This is not limited to credit card processing accounts; we can help you with a wide range of alternative online payment solutions too.

Tax advice – We can offer you tax guidance that would be specific to your business and website.

These are the major topics that will affect many of the decisions that are made when deciding to form an online business. We are equipped to offer you advice and guidance on these issues, as well as many other pressing issues that affect online businesses today.

In addition, we can also help you with:


Risk Management – We help you to develop the ideal risk and fraud management procedures that are design specifically for your online business and the industry in which you operate.

Legal and Compliance Support – We will help you to draw up legal documents, develop a legal framework for your operations, as well as assist you with the compliance of your website and company to Visa and MasterCard compliance standards.

E-Check Solutions – We help you to connect your to top e-check processing companies and in the application for e-check processing accounts.

Third Party Solutions – More and more clients are starting to use their own e-wallets to execute payment to merchants. We help you to connect to the best third party processors for your specific industry.

Additional Payment Solutions – In addition to the standard merchant accounts mentioned above, we can also advise you, and help you implement the best possible payment options for your clients and your industry.

>> Merchant Accounts FAQ

Contact Us today with your questions to get a free consultation on how you should proceed with your online business setup.